Please read the following Important Information!

1. To make your registration as fast and efficient as possible try and have each player must sign up for a 2011 NPPA card before you sign up your team. You can still sign up your team if your players haven't signed up.

2. You can come back to the make a payment page anytime after you register to pay your teams fees, but it must be before the deadline.

If you want to save money on your entry it must be paid in full before the early bird deadline.

3. Save time at event check in by having your waiver filed out early. You can download a copy HERE. All underage players must have legal parents or guardians sign the waiver. The NPPL can and will ask for proof that the under age player is authorized to play. The NPPL reserves its right to check all waiver information and signatures. Up to two pieces of Government ID will be required from all players upon check in at the event.

4. BE PAINTBALL RESPONSIBLE! The NPPL reserves its right to eject any player or team staff member at anytime without notice or refund. Rude, demeaning, racist, obnoxious or sexist behaviors are completely unacceptable and will be dealt with severely! Please see the 2011 NPPL rule book for more information on being Paintball responsible.

5. Please have all team members sign up for there ID card online to save $20.00 per player, and save themselves from standing in a huge line up at the event!

6. Please sign up to our email broadcast system to stay up to date on all NPPL happenings and critical event info! Sign up HERE







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