3.Tournament Administration

 3.01 NPPL Membership. Players must have a valid NPPL ID card to participate in any NPPL tournament and players must be able to produce their ID at anytime while on the premises
of an NPPL tournament. A player will not be allowed to enter the field without a valid ID card (plastic) or temporary card (paper) and authorized NPPL event colored wristband.

 3.02 ID/Membership cards and fees. NPPL player cards can be purchased online at www.nationapaintballplayers.com or at any NPPL sanctioned tournament. The regular administrative fee for a NPPL ID card is $60.00 USD. NPPL ID cards are valid for one calendar season. The NPPL may offer a $20.00 discount on ID cards applied for online before an event. The deadline for the discounted ID cards is typically two weeks before the event. Replacement IDs will be issued for $10.00 USD. ID Cards purchased at events will be at the regular NPPL price of $60.00. All ID card applications require two pieces of valid federal or state/provincial government ID for completion.

 3.03 Role of the League. The league will supply tournament information concerning entry fee, a schedule of events, including time and place for the Rules Committee/The Board meeting and the Captains‟ Meeting, hotel information, and an Insurance waiver to any player or team having entered an NPPL tournament. Teams must adhere to the administrative rules and regulations administered by the league for any given tournament (e.g., no filming, shooting photographs or otherwise recording games).

 3.04 Entry Fees. Entry fees must be paid to the league of the NPPL tournament. Entry fees for Pro, D1, D2, D3, D4-5Man and Pump Division teams will be established by the league. Team rosters will be accepted and player wristbands issued only after all administrative fees have been paid in full. Entry fees are non-refundable.

 3.05 Captains Meeting. A Captains‟ Meeting will be held on the evening prior to the beginning of each NPPL tournament. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information to the players concerning the League, any administrative changes to the League or the Rules, and other regulations governing teams‟ participation in the NPPL tournament.


 4.01 Pro Rosters. Pro teams must submit complete rosters 2 weeks prior to each event, after this point the roster cannot be changed or added to. Pro teams may have up to 12
active players on their roster and 6 team supporters. See Rule 23.08

 4.02 Divisional Rosters. D1, D2 and D3 teams must submit complete rosters prior to play. Team rosters may not be changed or added to after the start of the first game. 7 man teams may have up to 10 active players on their roster and 4 team supporters. 5 man teams may have up to 7 active players on their roster and 2 team supporters. See Rule 23.08.

Any team submits a roster that does not qualify for the division the have applied to enter can/will be bumped to the qualifying Division with no notice from the League. Increased entry fees will be due before the team is allowed to play. The team may also pay the higher “late fee” for registering, approximately $200.00

 4.03 Team Supporters. All team supporters are required to register at each event. Each supporter must fill out a waiver, sign onto their team‟s roster and receive paddock
credentials. An administration fee of $10.00 will be required. Supporter Paddocks Passes are only valid for one event.

 4.04 Age Requirements. Players must be 18 years of age or older, except that players 10 through 17 years of age may play with written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

 4.05 No Players on Multiple Rosters in the same format. No player may appear on more than one team roster in the same format, in any NPPL tournament. See Rule 23.08.

 4.06 Roster Changes. Divisional teams may make unlimited changes to their roster between events. The League will impose a 4-day roster freeze before each event. Any changes made to a team‟s roster at the event will incur a $20.00 roster change charge for every player added at the event check in. For Pro players between events that a team has played in a season, a team may remove any number of players but the addition of players is subject to the following maximum criteria (except under exceptional circumstances and approved by the league):

 4.07 Player Rankings All player rankings are determined by the players status as of January 01st of the current year’s season whether they have previously played the NPPL series or any other National or International series.

(1) A “Pro Player” is a player that has been on the roster of an NPPL or other National or International Professional Team in the past 10 years, or a or International Professional Semi-Pro team in the past 10 years.

(2) A “D1 Player”. Anyone who has played or has been on the roster of a D1 Team in two D1 Tournaments or has been on the roster of a National D2 series championship team.

(3) A “D2 Player” is a player that has played or has been on the roster of a D2 Team in two D2 Tournaments or has been on the roster of a National D3 series championship team.

(4) A “D3 Player” is a player that has played or has been on the roster of a D3 Team in two D3 Tournaments or has been on the roster of a National D3 7man or 5man series championship team.

(5) A “D4-5 Man Player” is a player who has played in two D4-5 or less than four D3-5 Man events the previous season. D4 players that have played a on a D4 National series championship

team must move to D3 7man.

(6) A Pump Player status is Open. Any player can play in the Pump division.

 4.08 Changes to Player Status. Player status is based on playing history dating back to the 2003. Any player may request reclassification. Any Pro player can be reclassified down 1 division (with approval from the league); the player cannot play Division 2 at anytime. A $50 USD fee will apply to all applications. (Regardless of the outcome of the decision), by visiting www.nationalpaintballplayers.com Player‟s who think they have been unfairly ranked in a National paintball series other than the NPPL may apply for re-classification for no charge; a $50.00 deposit must be paid at the time of application. The fee will be refunded no matter what the outcome.

  4.09 Inter-Divisional Play.

(1) Any player may be on a Pro team roster

(2) D1 may have unlimited D1 players and up to 2 Pro or Semi-Pro players

(3) D2 may have all D2 players, two D1 players and no Pro or Semi-Pro players

(4) D3 may have all D3 players, up to one D2 player, no D1, Pro or Semi-Pro players

(5) D4-5 Man may have all D4 players. And one D3 player, no D2, D1, Pro or Semi-Pro players

4.10 National/International Classification Conversion Chart (If you have other National or International classifications, your NPPL classification will be whichever is higher) Ranking as of January 1st of the current season apply. Series championship teams and players must move up one division as noted in 4.07

  •   2010 Pro NPPL = NPPL „11Pro
  •   2010 D1 NPPL = NPPL „11 D1
  •   2010 D2 NPPL = NPPL ‟11 D2
  •   2010 D3 NPPL = NPPL ‟11 D3
  •   Other National or International Pro = NPPL Pro
  •   Other National or International SP = NPPL Pro
  •   Other National or International D1 = NPPL D1
  •   Other National or International D2 = NPPL D2
  •   Other National or International D3 = NPPL D3
  •   Other National or International D4/D5 = NPPL D4

To download the 2011 NPPL Rule book please go HERE




Event #1 The Surf City USA Open

April 1-3 2011

Huntington Beach, California

Event #2 The Chicago Open

May 20-22 2011

Joilet, Illinois/CPX Sports

Event #3 The DC Challenge

Sept 16-18 2011

Aldie, Virginia/Pev's

Event #4 The NPPL World Championships

Nov 11-13 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada


CPPL Event #1 (BC Conference)

April 16-7 2011

D-Leauge Event #1

April 30-May 1st 2011

CPPL Event #1 (MR Conference)

May 14-5 2011

CPPL Event #2 Canadian Triple Crown

June 11-12 2011

CPPL Event #3 (BC Conference)

July 9-10 2011

D-League Event #2

July 23-24 2011

CPPL Event #3 (MR Conference)

July 23-24 2011



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